Youth With Vision

Our Goal:  Create drug free communities for future generations by putting education into action.

Youth With Vision is a student-led organization made up of 8th-12th graders from the 14 different school districts in the Clay, Platte, and Ray counties of the Kansas City Northland.  Members are elected based on their leadership skills and accomplishments, but come from a variety of social classes and ethnicity. The programming they create is distributed universally to all middle school and high school students in the three county area.

Vision members work with numerous community partners to ensure that their programs are available to all parts of Clay, Platte and Ray County youth and are consistent with their mission:

Through community involvement and leadership, Youth With Vision works to reduce teen substance use, promote wellness, and impact social policy to create resilient youth through education, intervention, and advocacy.

Members go even further into putting education into action by meeting with our state legislators once a year to advocate for Youth With Vision and what it stands for.